22 Times It Sucks To Be A Blogger

22 Times It Sucks to be a Blogger

1. When you have to write an intro to a post. Intro’s suck.

2. The first time you’re on GOMI. And every time after that.

3. When you have a brilliant post idea and then you realize that you’ve already written the exact same post.

4. When you don’t write a post because you think you already wrote it but then you realize, nope, it’s just been in your drafts for a year.

5. Getting the comparsies. I think The Daily Tay coined that term. She gives me the comparsies sometimes cause she’s so damn funny.

6. When you don’t have time to blog because life got crazy with super un-fun stuff like going to the DMV, having your dog eat something that gave him an “upset stomach” all over the carpet, or getting maintenance to your apartment because the shower is crazy un-Draino-able clogged. You want to blog but you can’t! The un-fun stuff of life is happening!

7. When you realize you wrote something that made you sound like an ass.

8. 404 error. Damn it.

9. When you find out that someone you know in real life reads your blog and you really really wish they didn’t. How? How did they find it?!

10. When you write about something and your mother is not. Too. Pleased.

11. Someone tells you that your online persona isn’t really “you”. And you feel like you’ve been lying.

12. When you add up the hours you’ve spent blogging (my rough guestimate? 1,000 hours)  and you realize that it’s enough time for you to have learned a foreign language. Which would be more useful than, you know, sharing your feelings with the internet.

13. You have to google basic grammar stuff you learned in 10th grade. Are you supposed to capitalize “A” in a title? Too late, already did.

14. When you told a real life someone about your blog (you let them in to the circle of trust!) and then they admit they really never read it.

15. Someone asks you about your hobbies and you want to scream BLOGGING! I’M A BLOGGER! But instead, you casually reply with “reading and photography”.

16. When you need a picture for a blog post and you can’t find the perfect picture on any of the free photography sites you know about and you’re too lazy to take one yourself.

17. When you get an email from your mother two hours after you hit publish with the list of spelling errors in your post.

18. When your Instagram proves that your dog is more popular than you are. An unofficial review of my Instagram shows that posts of Archie are 162% more popular than my posts of anything else.

19. When your laptop burns your leg skin because it takes you two freaking hours to write a post.

20. Another blogger writes a freaking Ah-mazing post and you’re like WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!

21. When you write a blog post about blogging which is totally worthy of being mocked but you can’t help it because you loved every minute of writing it.

22. And when you titled that post “22…” and you get to 21 and run out of ideas.

  • This. Is. Hilarious. I especially love “404 Error. Damn it.” Story of my life haha!

    Yes, the comparsies is the pits. The PITS!

  • How about when you think you have a really great idea for a series of posts and then the next week you find out that another blog has been doing the exact same thing for 2 years? That was me last month. Uggggh

  • Hahahahaha. I love 15. and 14. And 1-13. Also 15-22. I love them all.

  • I laughed so much reading this.

  • Melissa

    How about when you’re applying for a new job and you honestly don’t know if your blog is appropriate so you have to set it to private for a week, and a week turns into two,m and two turns into three and you just really miss writing? Yeah. My life right now.

  • LOVED this! I laughed the whole way through, in between “yep, yep, uh huh…”

  • Hahaha.. this really made me laugh! I can relate to so many of these!


  • YES YES YES, these are all so true haha! I especially love “When your laptop burns your leg skin because it takes you two freaking hours to write a post.” I can literally feel what that’s like as I’m sitting at my desk at work.

  • I love this! I think almost every one of these things has happened to me. I wrote a post about my dog the other day and the response was crazy. He should just write his own blog. And my mom always emails me with edits after the post has gone up. Faster edits Mom!

  • Haha! #9 is me all over. How did they find it?!

  • Um, yes to all of these!? Also: when you tell your best friend (who is also your cousin) about your latest blog post/about your blog friends and she goes “People still seriously have blogs? Isn’t that like, 2004?”

    Ouch. -_-

  • I’m coming up on 5 years of blogging and this all rings so true. Especially #17 – I got one of those at 11pm last night, just as I was going to sleep…and of course I had to get up and fix them.

  • YES #9. I get so creeped out. And #15. Blogging is my dirty secret.

  • Intros! I suck at intros. Most of the time I just want to dive right into the main content. Maybe I’ll just start doing that. We can start a NO INTRO REVOLUTION!

  • Haha!! This is amazing. SO spot on.

  • Seriously, the dogs. They are so much more popular.

  • #9 UGH. My boyfriend doesn’t understand why I don’t particularly want his whole family to be reading my blog. Even if they are – I don’t want to know about it.

  • haha you crack me up.
    I hate knowing that my mom and mother in law read my blog. Sometimes I find myself sensoring things and I hate that.

  • OMG – 17 happens literally every day of my life. I got so sick of it I finally just made my mom and editor account on the blog so she can go in and fix things herself. What if I liked all the errors, Mom??!! Maybe I think it adds character! 😉

  • Ha, love this! Totally burned my legs last night while writing a blog post. Stupid hot laptop!

  • #16 ALL DANG DAY! There have been multiple times where I just quit the post I was working on because I couldn’t find the perfect picture – or worse, when finding a good photo takes longer than actually writing the post.

  • #15 — I figure if someone that knows me IRL and follows me on social media, they should realize that fact. I just choose not to point it out to people I don’t want reading my blog by invitation! My mom actually doesn’t read my blog; she knows about it and thankfully she wouldn’t catch the grammar errors because I’m her editor 🙂

  • The number of times I’ve googled for grammar would blow your mind.
    But then, to top that off, google won’t even seem to know the answer and just displays both terms I couldn’t decide between. Just me?

  • This is perfect!!!! hahahah, I LOVE it!

  • hahaha oh the burnt leg. I can relate.

  • Ah I totally laughed at this list. Im fairly new to blogging (3 months in) but I can’t help but already feel like ah someone I know in real life could be reading this and Im sure someday will be. I don’t post anything that scandalous but theres something different about internet blogging friends reading your blog and someone you know in real life being allowed into that group.

  • Haha! I have had the same thing where someone admitted that they haven’t looked at my blog and I was thinking ” but I trusted you with exposure to it” lol

  • What’s GOMI??

  • Or when you are sitting with people who don’t have blogs and don’t know that you have a blog, and the conversation turns into “Bloggers are so annoying. They think they’re so cool taking photos of everything and then writing about it. They’re so lame!” And you have to sit there and just take in all the insults.

  • Yes to all of this! A lot of times when people try to write posts like this, they end up being really dumb…but this was actually really dead on and made my day 🙂

  • “15. Someone asks you about your hobbies and you want to scream BLOGGING! I’M A BLOGGER! But instead, you casually reply with ‘reading and photography.'”

    This gets me every time. Reading, commenting, and blogging are all my hobbies related to…blogging! Yet for some odd reason, I feel weird saying that in person. If someone asks “what do you like to do in your free time?” My mind goes blank because blogging is one of them. >.< There should be no shame, yet I shy away from telling people that IRL. Gah! And the awkward silence ensues…

  • ALL OF THIS. especially #20, since i have “things I hate about blogging” in my drafts right now. haha!

  • hahhahaha Everything about this list is just seriously perfect! But for real…why can’t I write blogging on my LinkedIn profile? Or tell people “ohh, well, I’ve got about 200 people who read what I have to say on the Internet, soooo” when told to list something “interesting” about yourself?

  • LOVED this post!
    Similar to my Awkward Blogger Moments post! Love the humour 🙂


  • Haha this is awesome, I still wouldn’t trade blogging for a more socially understood hobby. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really care who knows about it. Although I still feel weird during that first initial telling….

  • kat

    or when you realize it’s been 2 hours of writing because you feel the heat from the computer. lol great list!!

  • I’m pretty sure blog posts about blogging are some of my favorite posts to read.

  • Cat

    My blog is super small, and I didn’t expect anyone I know in real life to find it. Unfortunately, they did. I didn’t even know what to say when they brought it up! I don’t write about anything too personal, but I just felt incredibly exposed (I know that sounds bizarre)!

  • At least your mother is gracious enough to send you an email. My mother posts my errors in a facebook comment under my posts, for all the world to see! Then she’ll usually tack on something like, “You were an English major. You should know this.” Thanks, mom.

  • Perfection! And about people who follow you that you don’t want to? This week I got an alert that my in laws subscribed via email…two days after a lingerie post/review went up. #awkward

    Xo Sahra

  • #15 yes, yes, and yes. I love all of these. Too funny! Enjoy your weekend!

  • So agree with the intro. Its so awkward. LOL

  • Haha! Loved this, thank you! 🙂 x

  • Girl. I feel you. Every point you made I was jumping out of my seat screaming “YES!” with my hands in the air. …like I just don’t care… Okay I have nothing else substantial to say and I’m starting to sound like an idiot.


  • After over two years of blogging I can say that I have experienced pretty much all of these. And my two cats RULE my Instagram page. I spend two hours working on a masterpiece of nail art and I post a pic – meh (shrug) that’s nice. But a pic of the two cats cuddling? Blockbuster

  • Oh yes, all of these are spot on! Haha. Also, yes to Instagram! I think I found that a photo of my cup/smoothie was more popular than a photo of my face…LOL.

  • Basically I relate to all of this.

    I’m at number 20 currently. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS.

  • Reading this I kept nodding and thinking oh yeah I agree,

  • Dammit.
    I wish I thought of writing this post…..

  • Number 9 is terrifying, especially when it’s your boss being all casual like, “Hey! Found your blog, NBD.”

    My mother has scolded me for cursing in my posts…so then I wrote a post about that. She was annoyed with me about that.

  • Taylor

    Don’t worry, I get the comparsies about most of your posts as well.

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  • GOMI is definitely be mean-spirited, but sometimes it’s just plain funny.

  • Haha! Love this, totally spot on.

  • see i love the intro paragraph! it’s where i’m most me, most funny…and i have trouble injecting that sarcasm/me-ness into the body. so i feel like it’s funny snarky paragraph. picture. picture. picture. attempt at funny. ending.

    enjoyed reading this!

  • 8 really made laugh

  • Even when I lived on the other side of the world and a five hour time difference away I’d still get emails about my spelling mistakes! My parents were the world’s most efficient and also probably-sleep-deprived spell check system going…

  • Love this–so true! Ah. Every single one is spot on.

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  • So.. Spot. On. I am so glad I’m not the only one who gets those texts from Mom after publishing…I get the spelling errors and grammatical woes, and then the “you really shouldn’t reference wine so much” mini-talks.
    Also been there done that with burning myself from the laptop. I thought it was just because I have a Dinosaur Dell (#PCproblems), but maybe it’s just a blogger problem.


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