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5 Reasons We Ditched Our Keurig

This weekend, it finally happened. Our 4-year-old Keurig officially died. For the first 3 years, I absolutely loved my Keurig. I raved about it. But the fact that it’s already dead irks me. It was a 4-year-old appliance. Nearly every other appliance in my kitchen is older than that and is still working fine. So we…

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We Got The Apartment!

Meet Philadelphia’s newest residents, as of mid-October. We could not be more thrilled. Since we were in the city last night anyway, we snuck our first photo outside of our new place. Creepers for sure. And now the girl who claims she isn’t that in to home decor is going crazy in Pinterest, pinning all…

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The Jet-setter Version of Me

The new version of Nadine is someone I barely recognize these days. Last weekend I flew out to California for the weekend for a wedding and a bachelorette party (Kaylin’s Round 2 – Round 1 here). I have the remnants of a black eye and I still can’t quite catch up on sleep but I’m feeling…

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The Best (And Easiest!) Salmon Recipe Ever

One day I watched the Food Network for all of 5 minutes and it completely changed my life (exaggeration….kind of). I threw on the Food Network while doing my makeup and found myself half-watching the Quick and Easy episode of The Kitchen. And then, this: This is Katie Lee’s Brown Sugar Spiced Salmon Recipe. It…

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5 Things That Scare Me About Moving To The City

Today N and I are checking out the first of several potential apartments. With our upcoming move to the city, there are things that I’m prepared for. Things like traffic, paying more rent for less space, and that funky smell that seems to permeate the entire neighborhood on trash day. But as much as I’d like you to…

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