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Rings on Etsy

Hi! My name is Emily and I run an Etsy shop called EmilyMakes! I also write a blog, and Nadine has been kind enough to let me guest post on her little corner of the internet. I went through my account recently and discovered just how many listings for rings I had favorited. I love…

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Links to Awesome Stuff

It’s a Friday afternoon and I’ve dug up the coolest ish on the internet to share with you. Enjoy and Happy Friday! A recent podcast by Freakonomics Radio (one of my favorite podcasts) compared the effects of alcohol and marijuana. Shocker, alcohol is more dangerous. An Open Letter to American Girl – A must read…

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When You Don’t Like Your Haircut

  I did something this week that I’ve never ever done before. Something I’ve been scared to do for as long as I can remember. Something I’ve wanted to do at least a dozen times but never had the guts. Let’s back up. I got a haircut last week. My stylist teased the back real nice…

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Going to the Movies this Summer? Read This.

  We go to the movies a whole freaking lot. In fact, I’d venture to say that going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. Something about sitting in a dark theater, experiencing something spectacular, surrounded by strangers really just screams TOTALLY WORTH $12! I love that for that two hours, all…

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Life Lessons from the Dog

We have a visitor this week. Our dog niece, Posey is staying with us while her parents (N’s brother + girlfriend) are on vacation. We’re thrilled to have her but adjusting from life with one dog to life with two has been a little more challenging than expected. You see, Archie is the nicest dog…

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