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7 Styles That Make Me Feel Effing Ridiculous

This post title deserved a real F bomb but I didn’t know how well that would go over. But just know that I wanted to. Because it’s the damn truth. Some styles I can’t bring myself to wear out of the house. Somewhere along the way, a fabulous fashion blogger will convince me that I…

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The Foundation of my Wardrobe

There is a reason I’m not a fashion blogger. And the reason is that 90% of the time I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It’s my happy place. It’s what I feel most confident in. And honestly, it’s what I think looks best on me. Here are the items that are the foundation of my…

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Are You the Favorite Child?

I was recently with a group of real grown ups (i.e. married people with kids) when one mentioned their favorite child. In a moment, I took it as a joke. I tell Archie he is my favorite child all the time and I tell my sister she is my favorite sister almost every time I…

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8 Steps to the Perfect Flying Experience

I’m literally the last person on earth who should be writing a post about how to fly. Why? Because I hate flying. Hate it. It is my absolute biggest fear. I am the only person at the airport who loves the security line. Take all the time you need TSA, and thanks for keeping us…

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Easy Braided Hairstyle – Perfect for Fall

I’m not big on washing my hair. I could lie and say that it’s because it’s good for my hair but really, it’s because I’m lazy. Instead of washing it, I’ve come up with what is essentially a schedule for my hair that goes a little something like this: Day 1 – Down Day 2…

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