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Here’s what went down during Franken-Storm these last few days (also known as the most boring vacation that I actually didn’t want). I set a world record of the longest amount of time spent in a single pair of yoga pants. We ventured out right before the storm hit to buy a pack of playing…

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Sandy and Some Goldens

As Hurricane Sandy hits us dead on today, I’ll be reminiscing about the most fabulous Saturday anyone has ever had.  We met our sweet little boy! We still won’t know which one is ours for another week but we got to have some one-on-one time with all the boy puppies. This little one above is…

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Friday’s Letters

Dear Cardio Kickboxing class, I think this morning made it VERY clear that you have to be selective about what undies you wear to class. Overshare. I’ll leave it at that.Dear boyfriend, Thanks for being the kitchen cleaner-upper. I always make a huge mess when I cook, as evidenced yesterday, so I’m glad you’re always…

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Give me a Quiche

Two nights ago, on a whim, I made a quiche. Why I hadn’t done this before, I don’t know. Quiche’s are a great vegetarian option, are super easy to make, and they are dirt cheap! Total cost: Under $5 This one is so good, I made it two nights in a row. Here’s what you’ll…

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Politics. And other stuff I wish I understood.

Last night, two college graduates laid in bed and googled  what or who the electoral college is. Those two people were us. (cue major blushing/feeling like total idiots) We have watched every debate so far and I would say that I am moderately well informed. I’m by no means an expert and that’s why you…

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