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Friday’s Letters

Dear working from home, I’m going to give you a shot today and see how it goes. I think I can still be pretty productive from bed, don’t you?Dear mornings, You have not been my friend recently. Even with my work schedule change (11-6!) I still planned on getting up at 7 or 8 and…

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It’s Okay Thursday…

Hey, it’s okay…. To not be able to get through 50 Shades of Grey. The beginning drags out, does it not? To only just now get around to making a recipe from Pinterest. Week of Eats, people! A Pinterest recipe every night. I made this on Tuesday (via) To have watched this 10 hairstyles in…

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What I Wore: Dresses are for lazy people

I just love dresses. It’s a whole outfit in one! What could be simpler? Add a necklace and some sandals and BAM, you look put together. I got this dress and shoes on my Target shopping spree two days ago. The necklace is “J.Crew” from eBay.  I take pictures on my balcony outside my room….

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Bye-Bye Bank Account

Let’s be honest. So, last night I went to Target and this happened: And I’m not even sorry! I went in to buy face wash, face lotion, and chapstick. Throw in a dress, some body wash, nail polish, more chapstick, a lip butter, 5 new pairs of undies, a dress, and some shoes….oops. But check…

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Why I’ll Take My Husband’s Last Name

No, I’m not getting married. Not even close (you’re off the hook for quite a while, Nav). But when I do, I will take my husbands last name. Simple as that. Why, you ask? Not even a hyphen? Nope, not even a hyphen. via Here’s my argument case. You didn’t choose your Dad. That’s just…

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