10 People Who are Cooler than Me

Obviously the title is ridiculous because there are literally billions of people who are cooler than me. But these people below, these are the ones you just know are. Instantly.
1. People who drink their coffee black. I am not cool enough to do this. This girl needs sugar. And cream, lots of cream.
2. Women who can walk in 4 inch high heels. Where do you learn this skill? I can’t do it. I just can’t. Damn you Carrie Bradshaw!
3. People who think airplane travel is not only normal, but entirely mundane. i.e not something to wet your pants and have a panic attack over. 
4. This girl. 
5. Anyone with a natural talent or skill. Unless you count killing houseplants, I’m at a loss here. 
6. Anyone who does not have a framed replica Harry Potter wand on their wall. Or does this make me the coolest? You decide.
7. People who do not attempt to translate everything their dog is “saying.” You know what would be weird? One sided conversations. So I just do both sides. Archie can’t use his words. I speak for him. 
8. Boston residents. Maybe it’s because their sports teams win. Maybe it’s because I love a good Boston accent. Either way, tell me you’re from Boston and I instantly think you’re cooler.
9. Any lady you could call a southern belle. I’m so envious of those thick southern drawls, proper manners, and even the ability to make insults sound kind. Bless your heart! You’re cooler than me. 
10. Women who can properly paint their own nails. And keep them well maintained. I suck at this but doesn’t a good manicure just make ladies look so much more polished? Pun!
Anything you’d like to add to this list? I’m sure I’m missing more than a few. 

  • Haha I loved this!

  • Well, I personally think having a framed Harry Potter wand on your wall makes you the coolest person ever. I have a shelf dedicated to Harry. Complete with all of the books, a jar from Honeydukes, a Hufflepuff tie, and soon I’ll be adding a framed photo of Hogwarts. So… yeah.

    And all of these people are cooler than me too. I do almost ALL of these things too!

  • People that are cooler than me stay up past midnight on the weekends – I don’t do that anymore. People who can shop at thrift stores & make it look like they stepped out of Nordstrom. People who can come up with blog posts like this one.

  • Did you hear that Carrie Bradshaw aka SJP said her feet were messed up from wearing those 4 inch heels for so long? Not so jealous anymore 🙂

  • I can’t walk in heels, either. And I get blisters after just trying them on. I’m clearly not cool either! haha

  • Ha ha I love this post! I can’t drink my coffee black either, mine is more the color of cream because that is what it mostly consists of. Heels are a funny thing, I started off wearing mine all around the house for two reasons 1) so I didn’t make a fool of myself in public and 2) breaking them in so they wouldn’t give my feet blisters. #6 makes you the coolest person ever!! & Oh my gosh I am SO with you on #9! I always wished I were from the South!!

  • I do the exact same thing with my dogs. I even do it around other people, and then they just look at me like I’m crazy!

  • Bronx and I have entire conversations sometimes!! I squeak at him and he squeaks back. It’s cute! But yeah, the heels thing… i always wondered if maybe I was missing something and that’s why other women are able to wear them so much easier than me. And being a Boston fan has not always been so easy, trust me. As someone who always grew up worshipping the Red Sox, life was very tough until 2004. Even the Patriots stunk for most of my life!

  • You know what? I think people that need a carton of creamer in their coffee are pure genius…those black coffee drinkers don’t know what they are missing. May they walk in their 4″ heels, trip and spill that black coffee on the sidewalk!

  • Too funny! I totally envy people who are good at doing nails! When I paint my nails, they turn out all crazy with paint all over my finger!
    Visiting from Northern Belle Diaries, and am a new follower! Would love for you to visit my blog!



  • I’d argue that a Harry Potter wand makes you super cool. I drink good coffee black. But it has to be like, the expensive stuff my dad can afford to buy. Not what we can afford to buy. That sh*t needs creamer…

    And haven’t I told you the nail painting trick yet? I swear we’ve had this convo before. I’m going to have to do my very first vlog on nail painting for you, girl. Sheesh. You’ll get it!


  • haha you are totally WAY cooler than me! I do enjoy getting to use all of the quintessential Southern sayings!

  • I feel like #9 definitely applies to me, but I’m so not cooler than you. For reals. I look up to you, like my more experienced blogger sister.

  • Okay you are too much. I am so not cooler than you!!! I am so complimented to be so high in your list. If anything your a five star compared to me 🙂 love you and ITB!!!

  • Well thanks for making my day (I’m from Boston)! I so agree about the coffee. I don’t even like coffee but starting drinking it to stay awake at work. Well I went cold turkey last Mon b/c I cut way back on sugar and I put too much sugar in coffee. So there ya have it!

    Great list. You are too cute!

  • Hahah I love this list! I always wish I could drink my coffee black – but no matter what it’s a disgusting amount of cream and sugar.

  • I’d have to argue that knowing anything Harry Potter related makes anyone cooler than the person who knows nothing. But that is just my opinion:)

  • I love this list! So funny! Creative post. 🙂

  • Oh man, I am totally not cooler than you hahaha. I always try to tell what I think my cat is saying… and I used to try to drink my coffee black, but it just tastes like poots.

    Thanks for linking up!

  • I am in love with this post. Found you through Southern Belle Diaries and I am now following along!! Awesome post.

  • I’m moving to Boston in 6 months. Does that make me cool?

    Oh, Nadine. You crack me up. I should have totally put you on my blogger crush post.

  • This post literally made me laugh out loud! I have conversations with my dogs. Heck, I sometimes narrate what they are saying to each other!

  • Just stopping by via Northern Belle Diaries! I’m a new follower!


  • I’m stopping by from Nothern Belle Diaries and I loved this and laughed at it. I also can TOTALLY relate to the fingernails thing, mine are always bare because I just can’t do it! 🙂 New follower!

  • I LOVE this post, and I am so stealing it!!! <3


  • love this..coming from Olive & Ivy

  • I was so enjoying this list until you said Boston people are cool…what about New Yorkers? Theres nothing cooler than a New Yorker…unless you’re Mark Wahlberg….

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  • I try to like black coffee, I really do. But that shit is grossssssss. I aspire to someday drink it so I can feel like a badass.

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  • Z

    I’m so flattered you think I’m cool – only been living in Boston for a few years, but hey! It’s great :]

  • This made me smile =)


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