5 Things That Scare Me About Moving To The City

Today N and I are checking out the first of several potential apartments. With our upcoming move to the city, there are things that I’m prepared for. Things like traffic, paying more rent for less space, and that funky smell that seems to permeate the entire neighborhood on trash day.

But as much as I’d like you to believe that I’m the cool, laid-back girl, I’m not. I’m just not. I’ll adjust to city life, I know I will, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some things that scare me.

5 things that scare me about moving to the city | www.eastandblog.com

1. All the murder.

May as well throw that out there first, right? We’re moving to a city that is colloquially nicknamed “killadelphia”. I now see bars on the windows of houses as a bonus.

2. Oh shit, I have to learn how to parallel park.

Um yeah. That. Almost every apartment we look at has “free!” on-street parking. SUPER. Finding a parking spot will be hard enough. And actually parking once I do? Well, let’s just hope my neighbors don’t mind a tap or two.

3. Will Archie adjust?

From the time I leave for work until N gets home, Archie is all by his lonesome in the big city. What if someone breaks in to steal our electronics and finds our, much more valuable, poorly trained golden retriever? Honestly, take everything. Take it all (the rental insurance will cover it). But leave the dog. He’s irreplaceable.

But what if, in the process of robbing us, Archie gets out and runs into the street? Or, more realistically, what if he doesn’t understand where to go to the bathroom because of the lack of grass? What if he always jumps at people as we walk past them on the sidewalk? Needless to say, I’m worried about how he’ll handle it all.

How do people have children? How?! Because this is how much I worry about my dog.

love statue philadelphia

4. Buh-bye closet space.

Truthfully, I use our entire walk in closet. N keeps his clothes in the hall closet. I’m that girlfriend.

Living in a city with a ton of history (i.e. it’s old) has downsides and perks.

Perk: the buildings are historic and beautiful, with lots of exposed brick, hardwood floors, and charm.

Downside: Most apartments are big historic homes that have been converted to apartments, which means that the floor plans are funky and closet space is questionable. We’ve got to downsize and that means I’ll make ruthless cuts on what comes with me and what keeps its home in my closet.

It’ll be worth it all for the hardwood floors though.

5. That I’m just not quirky enough for Philly.

Philly is an eclectic place. I’ve heard it described as “the new Brooklyn”. It’s chock full of hipsters, edgy restaurants, dog parks, and dive bars. Am I cool enough? I like cheap trendy clothing stores, chain restaurants, and I’d rather watch a big blockbuster than anything with subtitles. I worry about fitting in, about seeming too cookie cutter. But I do own a pair of fake glasses, so hey, I’m halfway to hipster.

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Fall TV Schedule and Preview

I LOVE TV. Real, honest to goodness, scripted television. Don’t give me that reality TV B.S. I want the comedy. I want the drama. I want the mystery. I want talented people writing it, acting it, and producing it. Not some no talent ass clowns being filmed just because they are 1. rich 2. pretty or 3. absurd.

So naturally, while every girl in America is like “OMG YAY Fall” I’m right on that train too. Just not because of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s or boots. It’s because my shows are back. Without further adieu….

Fall TV Premiere Schedule 2014 #tv #entertainment | www.eastandblog.com

3 New Shows I’m Most Excited About

1. Red Band Society

“Red Band Society is a provocative, unconventional and unique coming-of-age dramedy about a group of rule-bending friends and the adults who mentor them through the ups and downs of adolescence in Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital. Exploring everything from strong friendships, and first loves, to humorous mishaps and heartbreaks, the series is a story of life, with an edgy comedic tone all its own.”

As if I don’t spend enough time in a children’s hospital already, it looks like my Wednesday nights are going to be spent in one as well.

2. A to Z

“A to Z tells the story of Andrew (Ben Feldman, “Mad Men,” “The Mindy Project”) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “How I Met Your Mother”) – a pair that almost wasn’t – and all that happened from the day they met.”

A rom-com of a TV show if I’ve ever heard one. Maybe this will fix the hole in my heart that was left by How I Met Your Mother (and that ending I’m still conflicted about).

3. Marry Me

“Six years ago, Annie (Casey Wilson, “Happy Endings”) and Jake (Ken Marino, “Eastbound & Down”) bonded over their mutual love of nachos and they have been inseparable ever since.

Now, after returning from a romantic two-week island vacation, Jake’s all set to pop the question. Before he can ask, though, Annie lets loose on Jake for his inability to commit. She was expecting him to “put a ring on it” in paradise and now Jake’s perfect proposal is ruined. Not wanting to spend the next 60 years talking about that mess of a proposal, Jake and Annie decide to hold off on the engagement until they can do it right. Yet if history tells us anything, it’s when we really want things to go right that they all tend to go wrong.

The only thing we know for sure is these two are destined to be together – whether they can get it together or not.”

Another rom-com. Fingers crossed for this one.

4 Shows I’m Watching Only For One Actor

1. Selfie

Because AMY POND that’s why. The premise of this show, I fear, looks a bit dumb. But my love of Karen Gillan will give her one episode. Because that’s how much I miss Amy Pond.

2. Bad Judge

Kate Walsh has to be one of the world’s most beautiful women, right? She’s back on TV a few years after Private Practice ended, this time as a judge…who is bad. Iffy premise. I’ll still give it a shot.

3. State of Affairs

I want to hate Katherine Heigl but I also kind of love her. This show looks interesting but I’m usually not that in to government/political based shows. I’ll give it a shot, especially because it premieres so late this fall and lots of new shows will be canceled by then.

4. Gracepoint

David Tennant. That’s all I need to say (to all my fellow Whovians) but in case I still need to convince some of you, the premise of this show looks pretty interesting. This is a “10 part mystery event” technically, not a TV show. When a young boys body washes ashore in a small town in Northern California, his death upends the entire community, especially when it’s ruled a homicide.

5 Existing Shows I’m Most Excited to Return

1. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project beat New Girl? I know, it surprised me too. But I just cannot wait to see what goes down with the Mindy/Danny situation.

2. Doctor Who

This is already back on! Did anyone else watch Saturday? Definitely the best episode of the season so far and honestly, probably one of my top 10 favorite Doctor Who episodes ever. Well done, Steven Moffat, well done. I’m due for a re-watch already, that’s how good it was.

3. New Girl

Nick and Jess are the new Ross and Rachel. I love/hate it. Get together already! But then if they did, where’s the tension? Where’s the fun?

4. Grey’s Anatomy

During the World Cup (which N was obsessed with and I was underwhelmed by) I re-watched all of Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning on Netflix. It was glorious. I’ve been watching this show since High School. SINCE HIGH SCHOOL. How crazy is that? I’m interested to see how the show progresses without Cristina but I’m reminded of the fact that when I’m watching recent seasons I don’t miss Izzy or George so there is hope it will go on and find a new normal.

5. Parenthood

Am I prepared to feel all the feelings? Probably not. This is the 6th and final season, consisting of only 13 episodes. Get your tissues out.

Which TV shows are you most excited about? If you’re a TV lover too, I’d love for you to share this on Pinterest. 

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A Winter Prediction

I’m going to predict that this winter will be warm and mild. In fact, I’m sure it will be. Because after 26 years on this earth, half of them spent in snowy climates (including 5 spent in Maine), I’ve finally purchased my first pair of L.L. Bean Boots.

Bean Boots #winter #fashion

Aren’t they beautiful?

And so now I’m certain that it won’t snow, just so I don’t get to wear them (I’m really really hoping it will though!). Although the Farmers Almanac says that we will have a wet and cold winter starting in mid-December. Fingers crossed! Check your winter weather predictions here.

Happy Friday!

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Your Life Is Boring

A few months ago, on a normal phone chat with my brother he informed me that  “we think your life is boring” (the we in that statement being him and my parents). I was probably complaining about something or basically had no updates about new things in my life because nothing is new, so just know that his comment kind of fit in the conversation.

Still, my feelings were hurt. It actually hurt my feelings way more than it should have and definitely more than he intended it to. He had no idea that I’d be so sensitive to something he said off-the-cuff.

Does Archie look bored of me? He probably is.

Does Archie look bored of me? He probably is.

My brother one of my favorite people in the world and he is my best friend. I can’t tell you when the last time he hurt my feelings was because it’s a rare occurence. We’ve always gotten along. We’ve always been close. So maybe that’s why it stung so much. Or maybe it’s because he was a little bit right.

The thing is, I’m not bored of my life. Inside I felt like screaming – I’m happy! I go places! I do things!

And honestly, I could see my fun-loving, 24-year-old brother finding me boring. My alcohol tolerance is much less than it used to be and I regularly fall asleep on the couch before 11pm. I’m in a stable relationship and nearly every conversation I have at some point includes my dog. So sure, to him, I’m boring.

But I freaked a little. It was hard to not take a look at my life and wonder, is this it?

Some days it feels like I’m in Groundhog Day. Wake, work, home, cook, eat, walk Archie, workout, shower, watch TV with N, read, sleep. Repeat. Repeat again. Our life in the suburbs is comfortable. It almost pains me to say that I’m content with it. Should I be content with a life so ordinary? I’m in my twenties. I should be doing more! Shouldn’t I? Exploring the world, adventuring, doing all the things that we won’t be able to do once kids are in the picture. Maybe that is just the pressure put on people my age. But for the most part, that just isn’t the way real life works.

Since my brother told me this, I’ve felt an overwhelming need to prove that my life is, in fact, not boring at all. Not just to them, but to myself. I began actively filling our weekends with fun things. Suddenly we had our weekends booked up through October with trips to California (two!), time spent it Philly, DC, and New York, a music festival, a broadway show, and then the big one – moving to the city.

I know in some part, that one little statement played a role in us moving to the city. It’s definitely a part of why I want to move to the city – so I’m not boring Nadine in the suburbs with her totally regular, boring life. Perhaps he hit a nerve, uncovered my ultimate fear. What if I die and everything about my entire life was completely regular? Would that be the ultimate failure? It feels like it.

Maybe his words were a weird blessing. They’ve forced me to not only do more exciting things, but to share the things I do with my family more. I was certainly guilty of not sharing some of the cool things I do with them. Although now I’m sure I’m braggy mcbraggy pants like – LOOK AT ME DOING ALL THE COOL THINGS. I guess it’s also a testament to the power of words, especially the power of your words to the people you care about.

So maybe that one statement changed the course of my life a bit; changed how I view my life. I’m not boring. And if I am, I’m trying really hard not to be.

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5 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

5 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster | www.eastandblog.com #hair #beauty #hairgrowth #tips
1. Viviscal

I swear by this stuff! And based on the many, many reviews on the internet, so do a lot of other people. I’m hesitant to believe there is ever a “magic pill” for anything but these vitamins work wonders. My hair naturally grows pretty slow. With this stuff, I get about an inch of growth per month. It’s truly incredible. Here are the links to some of the reviews that convinced me that I should try them.

Amazon  –  4/5 Stars with 998 Customer Reviews
Makeup Alley  –  3.6/5 with 35 reviews
Dermstore  –  4/5 stars with 46 reviews
Ulta  –  4.1/5 stars with 57 reviews
Walgreens  –  4.6/5 stars with 54 reviews

You do have to take them for about 2-3 months before you start noticing how much faster your hair is growing and at about $36/month, it’s a bit of an investment. I’m currently using Viviscal for the second time, after cutting my hair to an angled bob six months ago.

The downside? You know it’s working because you have to make a hair appointment when your roots get bad in half the time. Also, if your hair is growing faster on your head, it’s also growing faster everyone else too. It makes for a lovely 5 o’clock shadow on your legs. Just sayin’.

2. Coconut masks and Scalp Massages

I can never tell if expensive hair masks or deep conditioning treatments actually work. My first roommate out of college was an Indian girl. Not only did she teach me how to cook a couple great Indian dishes, she introduced me to coconut oil. She had long, thick black hair. She told me that women in India use coconut oil as a mask in their hair. After trying it as a mask in my own hair, I’m convinced there is no product on the market better than this stuff.


I put a ton of it in my hair. I’ve seen some articles say use 2 tablespoons. That’s laughable. I probably put 1/4 cup at least. Once my head feels saturated with the oil, I give myself a good scalp massage to work the oil in and stimulate hair growth. I leave it on for an hour or two with a plastic grocery bag tied on my head like a turban (to keep the heat in and help it work better). Then I shampoo twice in the shower and skip conditioner. It makes hair unbelievably soft and strong.

I also use coconut oil as lotion and it’s a fabulous replacement for shave gel. Just smother a tablespoon on your legs while you’re in the shower, shave, and you’ll get out with smooth legs and no need to moisturize.

3. Good Shampoo and Conditioner

Pureology is the good stuff. I’m sure there is other good stuff on the market but I’ve seen Pureology work wonders on my hair. In an effort to save money (because after all, this stuff is pricy), I alternate my shampoo days with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. It’s also sulfate-free and all-natural (derived from oils, mostly) and so it’s a great, inexpensive option to alternate with the Pureology. I use the Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo and the Hydrate Conditioner. I bought a liter of the conditioner on Amazon about a year ago and I’m still not done the bottle!


4. Heat Protection

I used to put nothing in my hair and then I’d hit it with a 450 degree flat iron. I cringe when I think of that now.

According to my stylist, anything that coats the hair protects it more than nothing at all. I alternate between a Moroccan Oil knock off from Sally’s Beauty Supply and Aussie Leave-In Conditioner Hair Insurance, which smells amazing. I’ve also realized that for my straight hair, I really don’t need 450 degrees to tame a few kinks and flyaways. I never go above 400 degrees now.

5. Don’t Cut It

This seems like common sense but I’m so shocked by how many articles say you have to trim your hair to get it to grow. Um, no. Your hair grows from the scalp. That really doesn’t have anything to do with the ends. If you trim your hair too often, you’re growing and cutting it and basically keeping it the same length.

I get my hair trimmed every other time I get it colored (i.e. about once every 5-6 months) and I ask for a dusting, not a trim. My stylist removes a teeny tiny amount of hair from every end. No cuts, just dustings. If you’re following the steps above, you’ll be seeing much stronger, less damaged hair that doesn’t need to be cut anyway.

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