7 Words I’m Trying To Make Happen

The other day on my ride home from work, I was listening to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and car dancing (obviously). I know every word and the moment she got to her cheerleader line “…and to the fella over there with the hella good hair won’t you come on over baby we can shake…”, it occurred to me, why don’t we say hella anymore? 7th grade Nadine used the word hella more than she used AIM. So basically, a lot.

It got me thinking about all the words and expressions that I use a lot that maybe other people don’t. Or words that I wish would make a comeback. Basically, words I’m trying to make happen.

Sure, this reference is 10 years old, but damn it, IT WORKS.

Sure, this reference is 10 years old, but damn it, IT WORKS.


I’d feel like a teenager if I used this word but I still really want to.


Spiffy is my non-awkward way of complimenting a guy on being very well put-together without seeming like you’re hitting on him. Handsome is too mushy for use on guys who aren’t your boyfriend, brother, or child. Spiffy takes its place nicely and I secretly feel like I’m giving a nod to my grandmother, who is probably the reason I use this word in the first place.


Call me Gretchen Weiners, I’ve been trying to make crunchy happen for at least two years now. This should only be used in a non-food way to describe situations that are slighty difficult or annoying. Examples include:

Traffic on the way here was so crunchy.

Work was just really crunchy today.

It was just a really crunchy situation.

This honestly might just be my favorite word when used in this context.


Someone recently laughed in my face for using this expression. No exaggeration.


YOLO is for rappers.

You’re Only Young Once (YOYO) is for mid-to-late twenty-somethings who want to justify occasionally doing things that they probably did at 20. Bondage skirt a little too showy? Wear it. YOYO.

Okay fine! It’s basically the same as YOLO it’s just that it feels like less of a death wish or something. You aren’t going to do something ridiculously stupid (YOLO), just stupid for someone your age (YOYO).


I get that this is a word but working with patients, I have to pronounce last names a lot and hyphenated names always throw me off (you’d be shocked how many people just give one of the names instead of both). So I now pronounce the hyphen whenever I come across a hyphenated name. John Doe-HYPHEN-Smith.

When Archie is being a bad dog I call him Archie [insert Scottish last name] “HYPHEN” [insert Persian last name]. I don’t know why I find this hilariously funny but it’s an ongoing inside joke with myself and I giggle almost every time I use it.


Is this a California word? No one here calls Interstate 95 “the freeway” except me. It’s a stupid expression really, because it’s not freaking free. $40 in tolls just to get from Philly to Long Island? You gotta be kidding me…

What words or expressions are you trying to make happen? Come on, you know you’ve got a few.

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Since We Last Spoke

Some people drop off the planet and weeks later come back and say “I’m so sorry about not blogging!”. I am not one of those people. I won’t say I’m sorry because a.) I’m not, it was kind of nice to take a break and b.) I’m pretty sure no one noticed anyway (I’d be a raging narcissist if I thought people were actually hanging on my every word).

So yada yada, I’ve been busy, etc. Life was happening and for once in three years, I kind of forgot I had a blog. No seriously, one day earlier this week I realized that I had not so much as thought about my blog in two days. Like I said, stuff was happening. Like…

I became a city dweller.

Home sweet home is our third floor walk up in Philadelphia. It still kind of feels like we’re crashing with friends or something. I wonder when it will become normal that I live here.

Well not here exactly. But this street is one of my favorites.

Well not here exactly. But this street is one of my favorites.

Archie started using a face harness and hated every minute of it.

As city dwellers, we needed to get a handle on Archie’s walking habits. I’d like to say that he’s super well-trained but I’m not that good of a liar so let’s just say that he’s a puller and a mild jumper (BUT IN A CUTE WAY) and we had some things to work on as we’re now sharing crowded sidewalks. Enter: the face harness (also known as the Gentle Leader). It has been a complete game changer for us. Archie does not pull one bit. Zero pulling.

My biggest fear was that he would slip out of it (and run in to the street) but if you make it tight enough around the back of the skull (as directed and is perfectly comfortable for the pup) there is no way that could happen. Really, I tried. N insisted we needed to give the face harness a real shot and I was terrified so I tried to yank it off of Archie’s head and…nothing. It stays put and makes walks a breeze!

That being said, Archie is not a fan. During walks he’s pretty distracted by city stuff (trash, other dogs, joggers, etc.) and he doesn’t notice it much. When we hit grass, he remembers and rubs his face along the grass or dramatically lies on his back and paws at his face. It’s hilarious but also kind of sad. It’s a work in progress for him and a win for us.

Just know that he might look calm, but he's super pissed at us.

Just know that he might look calm, but he’s super pissed at us.

Out of necessity, I became a morning person.

6:30am and I’m up and walking Archie. Because the closest grass is three blocks from our house. Eek. While getting out of bed is rough, I’m actually enjoying our head-clearing, jump-start the day walks together.

Ask me if I still feel that way in mid-January.

We unpacked everything in two days.

BOOM. Nailed it.

Stylized Bookshelf

We survived moving and an IKEA trip with our relationship intact.

And isn’t that the most impressive thing of all?

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My Best Friend’s Husband

That expression sounds weird to say, but after my last trip to California, that person exists. My best friend has a husband. I actually used the expression “Kaylin’s husband” the other day and it felt weird but cool and because I know how happy she is, it made me really happy too.

Our adventure began Wednesday, when we flew from Philly to San Francisco.


It’s really great when the only decent picture taken of you in the last year is when you’re goofy on anti-anxiety meds and standing in long-term parking. Super.

Then we got to San Francisco and did touristy stuff.

dsc_0015 img_0274img_0262img_0294dsc_0031img_0284

And then of course, we drank lots of wine. Oh, and I (the vegetarian) ate a cheeseburger. JUST ONE. I always said that In-n-Out Burger was the exception to my vegetarianism, since day one. It was so good, I didn’t feel even a tiny bit guilty.


The next day we headed to Lake Tahoe and my best friend got married. I keep using that expression because it just sounds crazy to me. Isn’t this the girl I sang sorority songs with? That I slept on the bathroom floor next to? That I watched turn 21 with a bar stamp on her forehead? I guess we’ve come a long way from being those people (but on occasion, we let them come out).

It was a ridiculously fun wedding and though I’d love to share 800 photos, I don’t have them to share because I was too busy dancing and having the time of my life. Plus, they aren’t really my photos to share, now are they? So here’s just a little taste of the stunning event.


Bridesmaid! I got my hair and makeup done for the first time ever and it was pretty fun. They basically spackled my face and it took me nearly 20 minutes and 2 pounds of conditioner to undo all the teasing in my hair but damn, it looked good.


img_0358 img_0353 img_0364 img_0408

She’s stunning. And now she’s someones wife. He’s a very lucky man.

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The Vacation We’ve Never Taken

Today N and I leave for our very first vacation together. Three and a half years and we’ve never been anywhere together besides visiting family along the east coast (we’re road trip people). It’s also the longest flight (and only the second) flight we’ve ever taken together. If you haven’t read the story about the first flight we took together, just know that you should probably feel really bad for N.

Maine's nickname is Vacationland. But is does it count as a vacation if we were just visiting my parents?

Maine’s nickname is Vacationland. But is does it count as a vacation if we were just visiting my parents?

You would think that I’d feel better with him with me on an airplane but in our first experience, he kind of had the opposite effect. Instead of me keeping myself in check (for fear of looking like the crying idiot), I felt like having my love sit beside me made me more aware of the life (and more specifically, my life and future with him) that would be taken away from me, should the plane go down.

Feel free to read all about my absurd fear of flying in these posts:

8 Steps to the Perfect Flying Experience
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Taking Flight

This is absolutely not the reason we haven’t taken a vacation together. We just haven’t. I guess it’s been a money/time off/priorities issue. My family did not vacation frequently and as an adult, I really haven’t either. Until I have ample money in savings, it seems like I shouldn’t blow a couple grand so I can relax. Frankly, I’m not that stressed anyway.


So today we jet off to San Francisco. As a former Californian, I’m so excited to show N some of my favorite places. After two days in San Francisco, we’re heading to Lake Tahoe for Kaylin’s wedding (remember how I felt about her getting engaged?). I’ll be doing my bridesmaid thang, like trying not to ugly cry when she walks down the aisle (spoiler alert: the ugly cry will happen no matter what), achieving the perfect level of drunkenness (i.e. a good buzz all night but not too shwasty face), and being the most enthusiastic dancer to SHOUT you’ve seen in your life.

So is it technically just a vacation? Not really. But with 4 days off in a row, a 6 hour flight, and staying in a nice hotel, I say it counts!

Want to keep up with how things are going? Follow along on Instagram. I’m sure I’ll be blowing up your feed. Can’t wait to see all the super classy pictures N snaps of me while I’m drooling on myself on our cross-country flight.

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September Ipsy Bag Review

Years after they’ve become popular, I finally took the plunge and joined a subscription box service.

Why I Chose Ipsy over Birchbox or Glossybox

I chose Ipsy for two reasons:

  1. Like Birchbox, it’s only $10/month. Glossybox is $21 which is more than I usually spend on makeup/products for the month.
  2. Ipsy tends to be more makeup heavy than Birchbox. I don’t like to mess with my skincare routine and am much more adventurous with different makeup brands and products than with skincare.

What I Got In This Month’s Box

September Ipsy Bag Review #beauty #makeup #skincare #ipsy #subscription

Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet

Well, I like the name and I love the lipstick. This is the perfect blue based deep red. It is a little on the dry side (I wouldn’t describe it as creamy) but that means it lasts a really long time on this lips. I got over 5 hours of wear from one application.

The only bad thing is that I’ve never heard of this brand before and have no idea where I could buy it (besides directly via Ipsy).

Value: $13

Be a Bombshell Smooth Criminal Powder

This powder is 100% silica (the same as the Makeup Forever HD Powder that is so popular). While I’ll use this, I don’t notice much of a difference between this and the $6 E.L.F. HD Powder. I’m not a huge powder person in general but do occasionally use it to set my makeup when my skin isn’t super dry.

Value: $12

Mitchell and Peach Luxury Hand Cream

Good stuff. Smells nice. Non-greasy. But people, this is $27 hand cream! What?! I like it, but I would never pay that much for it.

Full Size: 60ml / £17 ($27)

Sample Size Value: 30ml / $13.50

Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser

I didn’t check the ingredients on this and used it a bunch of times. I love it. Once I checked the ingredients, I found out that there are several kinds of oil in this cleanser. And guess what? It didn’t make me break out at all. Again, I like this but I probably wouldn’t buy it. I’m good with my Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser.

Full Size: 6 oz. / $13.99

Sample Size Value: 1 oz. / $2.33

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish in Red Red Wine

A full size nail polish in a fabulous fall color. I’ve always wanted to try Pacifica brand but have never made a purchase. Depending on how this wears, I’ll try other Pacifica products.

Value: $9

Overall Impression

I was on the wait list for Ipsy for several months before finally “getting in”. When I finally did get off the wait list, I wasn’t notified. I noticed that $10 had come out of my checking account from Ipsy and about a week later, got my package. I was a little annoyed that I wasn’t notified that I was off the wait list before they charged me, but they more than made up for it when it arrived.

I do think that the little bag that came with it (apparently a little bag comes with it every month) was pretty ugly and pointless. It’s way too small to actually use as a makeup bag. It’s not pictured because it went in the Goodwill pile when we got rid of half of our stuff.

Overall though, I’ve loved my experience. I’ve actually used all of the products that came and it has been well worth the $10. I’m definitely sticking with Ipsy.

Overall Value


Can’t beat that.

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